Friday, January 21, 2011

Valentines Decor

Now, I just said to my husband last night. Wow, we have lived here for four years and I am just starting to get the hang of decorating for the holidays! Hopefully it doesnt take another four years to decorate the rest of my house. (For some reason, I am scared to take certain risks.  For example, I painted my countertops, but all my rooms in my house are white for the most part!)

Anyways, back to Valentines day!  To give our house that little bit of sparkle, to ward off cabin fever ( we have been hit with snow once or twice each week for the last couple weeks!)  I dug through my craft closet knowing I bought some Valentines day stuff on sale last year.

What I found were these cardboard glittered hearts.  

To hang them I just added some holes and ribbon. 

Walked around the house and hung. Some on my window boxes ( I think they call them cornices?) Some one my staircase ( right where my stockings were hung!)

So far so good, I got a couple more ideas up my sleeve for the weekend. Hope to share on Monday!

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