Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I find that since having my little man on February 11th, Valentine's day gets over looked.  I tried my hardest this year, with my conversation hearts, my yarn heart, and my attempt at a quick wreath ( looking back I wish my heart was larger, oh well. maybe next year).  

I know it may be too late to have you whip some of these up for Valentines but these are great for all occasions.  I actually made hundreds of these as Thank You's for my high school graduation party.  They look great in a vase, and attached with a little card they make great favors too.

All you need is...

I used long toothpicks, but normally I use bamboo skewers.
Hershey Kisses ( or Hugs)
Something to wrap with ( fabric, tissue paper, crepe paper)
Floral tape ( I used green crepe paper,  I was out of floral tape!)

Starting with a kiss and a skewer, push through the tip and out the bottom.

Then add another kiss so the bottoms are together.

Wrap your kisses. Wrap your skewer with floral tape. and your done!  This is a great sit in front of the tv activity!

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