Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Minimalist Sewing

When my little man needed something extra to wear out a while back, I dug through his clothes and my fabric pile.  I came across a hand me down sweater vest that was cute in theory but tacky with a teddy bear.    So what is a sewing mom to do?  Well.  Use it as a pattern!

Just like when I made my Little Boy Pants, I used the sweater vest as a pattern, and the best part is that it is just a front and back piece. I traced the sweater and created a basic template and then went back and cut out the v-neck part of the vest.

The best part?  I used fleece and didn't even hem the edges.  This vest was super easy as you only sewed the sides and shoulders. Four seams, right up my lack of sewing motivation alley!

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