Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Crochet Class: Lesson 2

Today we will talk about double crochet! Last lesson, I showed you a slipknot, how to chain and single crochet.

This week we are moving up! Literally. The double crochet stitch is taller than a single crochet stitch.

Foundation row

To make a double crochet you need to have something to work from. Most likely if your just starting a project it will be your foundation row ( which is your chain).

Wrap yarn around hook.

Wrap yarn around your hook.

Go through foundation row

Insert hook into foundation chain.

Yarn over, pull through

Wrap yarn around hook again. 

Pull through first two loops

Pull through two loops.

Pull through last two loops.

Yarn over again.

1 Double crochet completed

Pull through last two loops. And you have created a double crochet stitch.

A double crochet row

Repeat until end of row. Once you get a couple stitches complete you can see them better!

Chain 2 at end of row.

At the end of every double crochet row you need to chain two. 
 This is so that your next row starts off at the right height.

Flip over to turn

Flip your project over so that your needle is on the right side of the project.

A double crochet row

Keep going!  Don't forget to chain two at the end of each row.

Double Crochet

Come back in two weeks for more step by step crochet!

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