Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How my garden grew...

Seeing as I already posted "How does your garden grow?" 
I thought I would give you an update.

Well. To be honest. My garden did not do as good as previous years. Let's go crop by crop.

Hollyhock: fail. I just couldn't get the seeds to grow! They would start and then die. Either I over or under watered it.

Zinnias: success!  They have been happily growing all summer, and there are still a ton of blooms! We have spotted butterflies almost daily!


Chives: Success as always! Once you get a chive plant they come back every year. In past years I have been known to bring it in side and have it all winter. It is a planter and not the ground and survives yearly!

Zucchini: Slight success: for some reason unknown, it did just okay. Normally I am up to my ears in zucchini being able to make breads, and zucchini relish. This year I got only 4 or 5 and they were not huge either!

Winter Squash: Slight success.  I got a TON of flowers but only two squash. There are a couple little squash still out there but I doubt they will get any bigger. Note to self: Takes up a ton of room. Very vine-y.

Cucumbers: Fail. Only a handful, but I believe the Winter squash vine killed it.  

Peas, Snap Peas: Fail. Should have thinned out, and not planted so close to cucmbers and squash.

Green Beans: Success! My biggest crop yet! Next year I would like to try climbing beans versus my bush beans.  It was hard to find the beans in the bush, but I was also 6+ months pregnant while picking.

Assorted Pepper Plant: Success! I got a lot of green peppers! But no other colors, my mom on the other hand got all dark purple. Go figure. I guess if we kept them together we would have gotten multi colored!

Basil & Oregano: Fail. Should have put in ground not a planter. It was too dry.  Lesson learned.

Hot Peppers and Eggplant: Same as basil and Oregano. Should have gone in the ground. Oh well.

Tomatoes: 6 plants, 3 varieties. Not enough to make more than a batch of sauce. This was shocking! Thought I would be eating tomatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh well. 


Garlic. Success if you like small garlic. Will be trying again.

Leek: Did great! Wished I had more than one! Will do again!


Rhubarb:Always does well, it comes back every year. Thicker than the previous!

All in all, my garden wasn't a total loss. Just not as good as normal. I am blaming the crazy weather-first wicked hot, then rain for what seemed like forever. Plus being pregnant and not wanting to weed could have a lot to do with it! 

I've got plans for a compost tumbler ( that I hope to make!), fertilizer, and some plastic to cut down on weeds.

How did your garden do? Any plans for next year?


  1. I didn't have a ton of success this year either -- and I don't think it's just us! I think it had to do with the weather.

    My story sounds just like yours, except I didn't plant nearly as much variety as you did -- I wish I had the time to manage a big garden again! (And, I don't know how you did it while pregnant!) I'm already looking forward to next year's garden.

  2. The chives are really nice. I just wished my garden was this prosperous. I envy your garden!

  3. Wow! I love your flowers they're so colorful and nice!


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