Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Preserving: Freezing or Canning?

When I first thinking of preserving items from my garden, my first question is do I freeze? Or do I can? Like I've said before, I can tomato sauce, pickles and now this year pears. But I get other items out of the garden that I freeze instead. 

For example, we have a wonderful local farm stand that has corn that is out of this world. So for a while we were picking up six ears and cooking it all and I would freeze the remainder. I freeze it because it tastes just as good and isn't as time consuming as canning. (Plus I have never tried to can corn yet)

Now, green  beans are another story. Normally I pickle my green beans ( ever tried them, they're better than when I pickle my cucumbers!) and this year stuffed them in some jars and thought- I wonder how to 
can green beans without pickling them. Good thing for the internet because it is not recommended. You learn something new all the time. 

So, the moral of this post is. If I am in doubt, I freeze or look it up.  There are some great resources on the internet, and some books that I use are:

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