Thursday, March 29, 2012


If your a Sheldon, or The Big Bang Theory fan, you've heard of Bazinga!

Soon after I had Wyatt I got hooked into the show, and so did Carter!

So for Christmas ( I can't believe I am just posting this!) I made several Bazinga shirts, the first ones for Wyatt, Carter and the Hubs!

Want to make your own? It was pretty easy!

 To make my Bazinga Tshirts, I just used iron on transfers. 

I created the "pow" in photoshop and download a comic book looking font, Bangers. It's a free font!  

Added the word BAZINGA! over the "pow"

Reversed it so that it printed out backwards ( the most important step!)

Ironed and I was done!

Have you ever made any fun tshirts? 
I've been thinking about stitching over the letters so that the letter's don't fade! What do you think?


  1. That is awesome! I have to show this to my husband!

    We love that show! At the end of the theme song, we always yell, "Bang!" really loud. We started doing it with Connor and we get really close to his face and yell it. He giggles and it's so funny!

    1. Too funny! Carter is hooked to Big Bang Theory! He knows most of the words to the theme song, dances to it and everything!

  2. I love making iron on transfers. I actually prefer the kinds intended for dark shirts - the process is a little different and I prefer the end result.

    Your little guy is absolutely adorable!!!!

    1. Julie- Never tried the dark ones. May have to! You use the dark ones even on whites?

      Thanks! I can't imagine how big your little one is already too!


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