Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Teased by Spring! Protecting my plants.

Here is upstate NY we have had the most mildest winter that I can remember. 
And by mild I mean mild. It maybe snowed once or twice but was gone within 24 hours!

Now, don't get me wrong the mild winter has been great, but now that we were spoiled by springlike temperatures (even some summer temps, it was 80 last week!) our plants are all confused! 

If you remember, last year we planted blueberry and strawberry plants! So with the temperature going from 70's and 80's, back to our normal winter weather with frost, I had to protect my plants! Normally I wouldn't have to do anything, but because they were budding with new growth I didn't want to chance it!

It was super simple and I am pleased to say, they look the same as before the frost!

All I did was use kitchen garbage bags!
For my chives that are in a pot, I just slid it over the entire pot.

For my strawberries, I laid the bag over and weighed down with rocks.

Lastly the blueberries, I just put the bags over top and tied! 

I'm so happy we survived last nights frost. I did a quick search and read that once the sun is up and hitting the plant you should take your protection off so that they don't overheat.  

Have you had abnormal weather this winter? 
Are your plants confused too?

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