Thursday, May 31, 2012

Crafting Vs. Reading

Lately, reading ( and gardening) has won. 

Every now and again I get into kicks, find a good book and then it snowballs. I find more good books. 
So instead of sharing what I have been crafting ( because there is little!) I'm sharing what I've read lately!

The Woman Who Wasn't There was a page turner, I read this is less than two days. I couldn't believe what I was reading! This is a true story about 9/11 and I couldn't put it down!

Perfect Match is by Jodi Picoult and I love her writing. I haven't read a book by her that I didn't love. She's my go to author.
Water for Elephants was very good too! I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it, especially being that I have never read this author before. I even thought it was comparable to how a Picoult book was wrote.

Plus I've read some garden books too!

Let it Rot! Just to help me get the right info about composting. A gardener friend from the library recommended and it definitely helped answer some questions!

The New Victory Garden was just okay, I really enjoyed the Square Foot Gardening method I read about a couple weeks ago better. And I applied the Square foot gardening spacing to my garden and I have a ton of stuff growing. Even more than last year! 

What's been on your reading list? I stopped into the library last night and picked up the Red Book and some pickling/canning books. I'll let you know how they were when I finish!


  1. I used to love reading. Love it. Now that I've started crafting and blogging, I don't make nearly enough time to read. I might have to look for some of your suggestions and get back to it!

    1. I'm normally the same way, it's one or the other. Each of these were quick reads!


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