Friday, June 1, 2012

Lifesavers Series: Eggshells in the Garden

Just another tip to save you some time, money and some frustration!

So, if you haven't noticed... I am all about my garden lately! 
I think Spring may be my favorite season just because I get to start my garden!  
I've already shared my fertilizer barrel, my composter, and my garden plan!

Today I have a quick tip for you!  Using Eggshells in your garden!

I was looking for a way to deter some pests from my garden, and eggshells to the rescue!

Did you know if you break up your eggshells it will keep slugs away? The sharp edges will cut the slugs so they don't like to go over the shells!

Other ways to use Eggshells in the garden:
-Composting ( which I have been!)
-Seed starters ( use like mini pots)
-Soil additive ( Adds calcium to soil, helps prevent blossom rot)


  1. What a great, frugal and green tip. Must remember for sure!

  2. I will have to try this in my front flowerbed. The slugs seem to think it is a party arena...LOL! Thank you for the great tip!


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