Tuesday, June 12, 2012

DIY Garden Supports

Remember my list?

Well, it's almost all crossed off!  

I wanted to make some new supports for my plants to grow up, but didn't want to run out and buy some. So I thought about it and came up with these.

Not bad for free!

(What's funny is that I cleaned up the garden, AFTER I took these. Oops!)

We had bought this kiddie pool/tent combo that was so hard to drain that we stopped using it as a pool. But after a year of using the tent the tent ripped. So out with the tent but I saved the poles.

Using the poles and connectors I whipped the frame up in no time. 
Next I used some cotton yarn and got to work. 

Even though my inspiration is cute, I was concerned about using spray paint on something my food was going to grow on. Maybe I don't have to worry but I was a little nervous. I'm thinking colored duct tape though... Go figure.

What kind of garden supports do you use? Do you cage your tomatoes? Or just tie them to poles?  
This year I'm on the fence whether or not I will cage them...

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