Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Grows: Cinnamon as Rooting Powder

I love, Love, LOVE when I see things online and they actually work. 
You don't know how many things I try and they just don't work. Boo.
(I could be a guest poster on Pintrosity!)

BUT, this worked!  A couple weeks back, I noticed how pathetic my herbs were doing in the garden. 
So I brought them inside thinking I might take better care of them. 
Plus I remembered seeing this on pinterest, and thought it was worth a shot!

And it was! I got roots from my basil plant! 
Now, I may have gotten roots without the cinnamon but I dipped it in the cinnamon, and waited a week or so. And there you have it! New growth! Perfect! Maybe my basil will survive afterall!

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