Friday, September 28, 2012

Knits: Starting a new Project! Yea!

I am the absolute WORST about starting a project and running out of yarn.
(just ask my sister for confirmation! I keep raiding her stash!) 

But here is why. I don't buy new yarn! I try to use what I have so that I can cut my stash down. To then be able to buy more down the road, but for now the stash busting is working!
I seem to acquire yarn from anyone and everyone.  (Which is not a bad thing!)
But lately it's been holding me back from starting a new project. Always asking do I have enough? 

Every month I get the knit picks catalog and love going through it and seeing all the yarn, and patterns and then I go on and request any and all books they recommend from my library!

Well, while flipping through I saw a yarn scale. And the light bulb went off. I had just bought a digital kitchen scale for when I am canning ( Do you know how many canning recipes are in pounds and not cups? Super frustrating until I got my scale!) AND it measures in grams just like the yarn scale does!

So now, if I am using a pattern I will have a better idea of whether or not I will have enough. 
And even thought I measured this ball of yarn, I started my project and I think I won't have enough yarn. BUT I do have another ball of it somewhere else. So I should be safe! Fingers crossed it works out!

Do you weigh your yarn? Or are you like me and forever running out?

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  1. What are you making? I don't think I have any of that kind :)


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