Thursday, January 24, 2013

Crochets: Dishcloths

To go with my Brown Sugar Bath Scrub, I made up some of this adorable washcloths.

What I loved most about them was that they had a loop to hang them up!

I found the original pattern here, and adjusted it to fit my needs.

My Adjustments:

I made my loop ten chains, and then did 20 single crochet (sc).
For the rest, I used half double crochet (hdc) instead of single crochet(sc). 
I didn't count my rows, just worked them until they were 6" x 6".
I used cotton yarn, and a size G hook.
I did not change colors, just one color.


  1. Very cute! Do you feel they are absorbent enough? I just started knitting and was thinking of making some dishcloths too.

    1. Jessica,

      The cotton is perfect for washcloths! It absorbs well, and washes well too. With the white, you can even bleach them.

      These are crochet, but an easy pattern for knit washcloths is the "Idiot's Washcloth" pattern. You can even use the same pattern for a baby blanket, I've done this numberous times and it's one of my favorite knit baby blanket/washcloth pattern!

      You can see one of the blankets here:

      To knit the washcloth, follow the pattern up to 45 stitches, and then follow the pattern again to the end.

      Happy Knitting!


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