Friday, June 21, 2013

Grows: Garden Tour 2013

Here we are mid June, and I *think* I am done planting! 
But then again I just picked up some more plants yesterday....

I'm ready to make strawberry rhubarb jam! Yea! Plus, see the seed pod in the picture? Clip them off if your growing rhubarb, I was told it makes them bitter!

Melons, Pumpkins, Squash, Horseradish:
Before I had kids, I hated that little cheap white wire fencing. Now that I have kids I love it! Its the perfect barrier for my boys. They know where to walk! And not walk!
The melons, and pumpkins are on the top left and will climb up the trellis I made last year.
The squash is in the wood square.
And the Horseradish is in the pot (it's pretty invasive so a container is perfect for it!)

The umbrella trellis has turned into my favorite part of the garden! 
I glued a melamine plate to the top of it to widen the top. 
And placed a petunia hanging basket on top!

My umbrella had 8 arms to it. So 4 arms have green beans, 4 arms have cucumbers.
The bottom right and top left corner has beets. 
The top right and lower left have red onions.
The rectangle in front has lettuces.
The rectangle on right side has swiss chard.
The rectangle on left side has collards.
The rectangle in the back has spinach
And in the center has sunflowers.

Kale & Peas:
My best kale yet, but I cheated sort of. My in laws gave me some plants started already!
So far this is my best year for peas! They are the tallest they have ever been! No peas yet. But soon! I've got buds!

Edamame (Soybeans):
Fingers crossed! We love us some Edamame! Well the boys and I do, hubby not so much. 
So, Hopefully it grows well and gives us a bumper crop!

This was a nice little surprise to see growing!
I didn't think we would get anything because it was the first year! 
But, either way your not supposed to harvest in the first year, and let them go to seed.

Sweet Potato:
Another first year attempt! It took forever to get that one slip to grow off a sweet potato inside, so fingers crossed for something!

Yukon Gold Potatoes:
Look at those babies! I have since had to upgrade my "potato tower!"
This is a wall o' water bag, that I staked down but when you cover the potatoes with dirt,
the dirt would want to go out and not up.

A friend gave me some Deck Hybrid seeds, meant to grow in a container. 
So far so good, and I think we are past the old time saying "Knee High, by Fourth of July!"

I always try carrots, but never get anything other than little tiny things.
But saw that you can grow in a container, hoping for something. Will have to definitely thin soon!
Any tips for me? Or should I leave them be?

As usual! Growing strong!

Anyone know if this is pre or post berry?
I've never gotten berries but this year I have a ton of what looks like dried buds.
Maybe this will be my year?


We've got about 6 peaches growing on one tree, the other didn't blossom.

Only one out of three of the apples bloomed, but that's okay! We didn't expect any to bloom or produce since this is their first year.  This one had about 2 dozen apples on it, but I think they will not get very big... but we will see!

The garden is thriving even though this has been our coolest summer that I can remember. 
We have had lots of rain, and temperatures lower than usual lately.

How's your garden growing?
Wishing you planted more? Less?


  1. Wow, you've got some great things growing. This is my first year growing kale and yours gives me some hope they'll turn out. Would love to try growing soybeans too:)

    1. Cheryl- Thank you! I'm a little obsessed with my garden! Make sure you are harvesting "correctly" I shared a video via my All Things Fee facebook page a while back... Because sadly I was doing it wrong! When you want to harvest, just pluck some of the leaves closer to the bottom! Then it will continue to grow!
      The soybeans are a first here, and are doing well! They were a little hard to find ( had to order online, and not pick up in a local store) but fingers crossed they produce well!


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