Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Upcycles: Umbrella Upcycled Part 2

Did you miss Umbrella Upcycled Part 1?  Check it out, it's working out perfectly!

After I used the wooden frame of the umbrella in the garden, I didn't want to throw the fabric part away.  So, I got thinking and didn't have to go far for the answer. We picked up a swingset for the kids last summer off craigslist, and take one guess what part was missing?

Yup. The canopy. So there is no shade on top of the "fort". 
And what made it hard was that it was a dome.
Last summer I attempted to sew one up from a drop cloth, but I just couldn't get it 100% right.
So I gave up.

In a way I am glad I did.
After taking the fabric off the umbrella for the garden, I couldn't bare to throw it out.
That's when it hit me! Use the umbrella fabric for the dome! 
All I had to do to the umbrella fabric, was remove two panels.

Using zip ties, I attached the bottom of the fabric to the poles of the dome. 
I just went from pole to pole in the dome and tried to line up the seams from the umbrella.
Once I got to the last panel, I cut out the excess (two panels)
Then I lined up the last two seams and stapled them together, and zip tied in an addition spot.
( just until I come up with a better idea! I'm thinking glue, or hand stitching?)

It's not perfect, but not bad for free!
It will probably fade horribly by the end of the season, and that's okay for me!
I'm already thinking that I can use this has a pattern for next year!

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