Friday, August 1, 2014

Garden 2014: July Harvests

Wow, I cannot belive that it is already August 1st! 
Where did the summer go? 
I feel this summer is flying by because we have a kindergartener in the fall!

Just like last year, I have been weighing all my garden harvests and tracking them.
This way, I know what is worth the space in my garden since my garden isn't huge.

So far, we have harvested:

Beans: 3.1 lbs

Collards: 4 oz 
They are ready for a big harvest this week though!

Cucumbers: 14 oz
Again, ready for a big harvest this week for a batch of pickles!

Garlic: 1 lb
Here's where the harvest tracker helps, I'm really not sure if Garlic will be planted again, 
I am always dissapointed. Do you have any tips? Tricks?
Here's how I braided it last year, and froze in oil too!

Kale: 7.3 oz 
(Stupid Cabbage Worms!)

Peas: 1 lb 4 oz
I bet the kids ate at least that too! So it might be double!

Potatoes: 3.5 lbs
These are our first successful year! And I have another mound to harvest this week!
Last year's attempt here.

Rhubarb: 2.1 lbs
Carter loved that he could measure it with our Family Ruler! It was 3 feet tall with the leaves on!

Tomatoes: 2.3 lbs
Which shocks me because we've maybe got 4-5! 
Last year I grew about 70 lbs, so I guess this shouldn't shock me!

Blueberries 8.9 oz
Maybe a pint or two left on the bushes too! 

Strawberries: 1 lb
Wyatt probably ate more than a pound! 
Maybe having the strawberries on each of the swing set slide isn't a good idea! ;)

So that makes my total so far 19.2 lbs! Not bad at all! 
I'm hoping to start getting some squash and zucchini, for some reason I can never get them to produce!
This year I sacrificed some plants to let one of each to really thrive, so we will see! 

Also, I only listed what we have harvested so far! Weve got beets, peppers (hot and sweet), edamame, lettuce, pumpkins, winter squash and more growing!

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