Friday, January 9, 2015

{Blog Updates} New for 2015

As I am redesigning All Things Fee, I decided to go through my past posts to see what I had added (and now deleted, as I reset my template back to the basics!) Some of these are as easy as going into your blogger settings (on the left side of your blogger dashboard page).  Others take a little more patience, and some codes that you can copy and paste from different tutorials (like the social media icons on the right! they took me an entire afternoon, because I had to keep tweeking the image in photoshop to make fit in my sidebar properly).
Since I started my redesign, I've done quite a bit of  "behind the scenes" work, things you may not notice but definitely makes things flow a little better. It's pretty exciting to see it all coming together too. So far I have: reset to the Simple Template in blogger, changed all the fonts to be consistent with the graphics I've been designing (I think this unifies my posts and images), changed a lot of my background settings to transparent so that the background shows through without an edge, designed the header, shop header, my signature, a new "logo" for Calling All Crafters and my social media icons in photoshop too. Phew.
Next on my list, is to add a couple more pages. Currently, I've updated my About page, and added my Shop (Looking for Cupcake Toppers Printables? Check out the shop!) I've got a couple ideas of what else I want/need, so we will see what I can get accomplished.
Here's what I have added in the Past, and will be reviewing and added if needed. Some of it stayed, and I think some of it has since been added to the templates so it isn't necessary to add, it's already there. Here are two of the most important things I'm keeping in my "behind the scenes" work!
 Installing Google Analytics (my full tutorial on how to install!)

Looking for more updates? Here's everything I've done in the past and blogged about!
Have any advice for me? What do you have on your blog that you think makes your blog better?
I love any feedback you can give me too!

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