Wednesday, February 25, 2015

{Grows} Garden Plan 2015

Ah, garden season! 
By far my favorite time of year!
The kids get to play outside, I get some time in dirt.
I sometimes call my garden my happy place. 
It's quiet, and so rewarding!

Last year I began pressure canning. Which changed the way I thought about gardening.
Last year I great 94 lbs of tomatoes, and canned lovely jars of rotel, salsa, pizza sauce and pasta sauce. Would you believe we have 1 jar of pasta sauce, and quite of few of the others left!
Amazing I tell you!

Cucumbers? We got a lot of those too, so many I still have gorgeous jars of pickles to eat!

So this year, I want to increase my tomatoes, and keep my cucumber quantity the same.
Another reason I love my journal and map! I can look back at if we used it all, wasted it, or just enough.

So far, this is my plan for the garden. 

Each square on my plan is a square foot. 
So if you count the boxes for Tomatoes I plan on planting 44 plants!
Last year I planted 40, 20 cherry size, 20 regular size and 12 of my regular size died. So I don't want to grow too many even though I will can.

Some of my garden is in containers, but most is right in the ground.
For my beds, I use those cheap metal fences you can pickup anywhere from the dollar store to a big box store. They are perfect! They hold my landscape fabric down on my walkways, so I have less weeding.  For the most party I don't need to have borders on my beds, but when I plant the seedlings my kids have a tendency of not noticing and trample. So the little fence is perfect!  

Now, your probably wondering how I am starting seeds, since I am going to need quite a few of each plant.  Don't worry I sharing that Friday! So stay tuned! 

Have you planned out your garden?
Don't forget it took me years to get this "big"!

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