Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Spring 2015!

It's here! Spring is here!
Well, not quite. 
Even though today is the first official day of Spring,
 it won't feel like Spring for a couple weeks temperature wise.

But, that won't keep me down!

So to celebrate the first day of Spring, I am thinking of...

 Flowers first, then veggies.
But to be honest, I am just starting to get good with flowers!
But they have to be hardy perennials!
Last year, was my first year with peonies! 
And they were stunning! Can't wait for them to come up this year!

Last night, I started some sprouts in a jar! 
I've tried in years past, but never really got the hang of it.
But I recently found you need to leave the jar tilted so that any little bit of water drips out!
Fingers crossed!

I'm still working on this years garden plan, and overall think I know what is going where.
My winter sowing jugs are ready for the warmth to get the seeds started! 

Also, my potatoes leftover from last years crop, well,
They sprouted. A lot. so I am anxious to get them planted! 
I've read mixed information about potatoes too. 
Some say plant as soon as ground can be worked (weeks before frost)
others say 2 weeks after!  

I'm planning on building a potato tower this year, out of wood 
since my past ones were only a one year use product.

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