Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's an addiction... I think!

Remember this and this?

Well, I loved my calendar one so much, but not the size I decided to upgrade to a nice big, bold one!

This time instead of writing with a sharpie right on the glass, I did all my planning and glueing right on the back of the paper (with the pictures on it) that came with the frame!

For this calendar dry erase board, I used a really large frame, its probably 20 x 30 or bigger.

I wanted to do two months side by side but that made my days of the week blocks too small.  So, i made my squares 3 x 3 and instead of drawing the lines out, I used 7 different brown/tan scrapbook papers.  Then i used the scraps for the days of the week and the extra space for my ever growing list of to do's, groceries etc.  

Full more information on how to make one, see my two posts or check out Nannygoats ( my inspiration)