Monday, May 24, 2010

Steam Cleaning Pad Tutorial

Remember when I posted about this? And I was in love? Well... I am in still in love and because I only had two pads I figured I would make some more...  And They were quick, easy and cheap! My kinda of project!

My mom borrowed the steam mop and she made two of these:

Two microfiber cloths folded in half, and sewn together. Then she added two pieces of elastic.  This worked, but shifted every now and then, and I didnt want to scratch my floors with the plastic teeth on the bottom of the mop.. So I took them apart and made these...

To make one steam mop pad you need:
One microfiber cloth ( Roughly 12 x 12 inches)
Soft sided velcro ( I used two strips at 9 inches each)
Sewing essentials ( Machine, thread, scissors etc)

Using my original pad as a guide I folded my cloth in half, to make sure they were somewhat similar in size.

Then, I cut my cloth in half ( My cloth has mesh on one side, after this one I figured out that its easier to cut with mesh on outside, not pictured here though)

I layered my cloth like this, mesh and cloth side will be on the inside. Sew around edges creating your rectangle pad. ( Forgot a picture for this)

Then using my pad as a guide, I lined up my velcro.  You want it to be similarly placed on your new pad so that it will line up with the plastic teeth on the mop. Sew velcro down.

Final piece!

Slide on your mop, and your done!

I completed two in about 20 minutes!  They were that easy!