Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lasagna Stoup Recipe

Are you a Rachael Ray fan?  Do you watch? Get emails? Or browse her site?  I signed up for a giveaway and now get the recipe emails, and sometimes those emails, I never seem to regret signing up for!

This recipe arrived in my e-mailbox and I had all the ingredients on hand, so what was there to lose?  In the end nothing! This was a super simple, fulfilling meal and took less than a half hour to make! Perfect for those busy, cold days!

Now with most of my recipes, I substitute ingredients or add things that I know we like, and that was another reason I loved this recipe!

Here's where I differentiated from the recipe:

  • I used dried basil instead of fresh ( No big deal)
  • I left out the carrots ( didn't have any on hand)
  • I blended some cottage cheese until smooth for Ricotta ( look it up, it really is a substitute! I didn't believe at first!)
  • I added hard boiled eggs! ( My grandmother used to add hardboiled eggs to her lasagna to make it a more filling meal, without adding more meat, try it you might just start doing it too!)

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  1. This sounds and looks really interesting, I will definitely give this a try. My kids love lasagna and they really enjoy trying out different lasagna recipes.


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