Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Knit Wreath Tutorial

Need a quick Christmas Knit?  How about an adorable wreath!

To begin your wreath, Cast on 61 stitches ( I used a size 7, 16 inch circular).  
Work in the round until your piece is a six inch long tube.
I worked in a seed stitch pattern to create some texture. I have done this wreath in the stockinette stitch too, and both have come out cute!

Bind off all your stitches, and fold your tube in half.
With the same yarn, thread a needle to begin to sew.

As you sew your tube, stuff it at the same time. Go all the way around closing the gap.

At this point your wreath should look like this.

Using yarn create a loop to hang your wreath from, and attach to the back side 
( The side you just sewn shut).

Want to make a knit bow to add?  Here's how.

Cast on 4 stitches, turn.
Knit every row until your piece is about 20 inches long.

Use this knit "ribbon" to tie a bow.

Using some yarn pull through one of your stitches to attach your bow, and your done!