Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Personalized Ornaments

Last year, I purchased some punches to make some "washer" necklaces that were all the rage. Well, I never got the right washers to fit my punch until maybe November.  That's when I made my sister a cute necklace for her birthday.  ( And of coarse no pictures. sigh.) 

 But what I did get to do with my punches for Christmas, may be my favorite handmade gift I gave this year!

It all started after running into my local Joann's store, and I noticed some really cute metal ornaments. I purchased a couple, just to make for us, but in the end went back for more!

Using a hammer, my punches and the ornaments I came up with these beauties!

I have found that the trick for getting good punches is to work on a solid (and I mean solid) surface!
I have had the best luck using my concrete stairs outside!  

I wish I grabbed a couple more hearts for Valentines day!