Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sorry to Sabotage!

If you started a New Years Resolution of no sweets, this post may not be for you!

I was asked to bring some dessert to a party for New Years Eve and here is one of the two things I brought.

Yum.  Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter filled Oreos! 

They were super easy, thats why there are no pictures!

I used candy melts that I picked up in Joann's, but I guess you could use chocolate chips too.  
Melt your chocolate ( either in microwave, double boiler, etc.)

Dunk oreos in chocolate ( I did half, and then went back and did the other half once first half was hard.)

The other treat I made was Brownie Covered Oreos! Yum!
The recipe is from Picky Palate, seen here.

She did not use cupcake liners, but I figured out after 2 batches why.
She only dipped one side of her Oreos, I went ahead and did both. Oops. 
My first two batches did not look pretty but they tasted wonderful!

But my third batch, using cupcake liners to not lose as much brownie,
 looked and tasted wonderful. 

I think the wording messed me up, Picky Palate says to dip and when I dip I get both sides. 
So I think you could eliminate some of the mess by just putting the Oreos in the muffin tins and then spooning a small amount of brownie batter on top.  
Now I just have to make them again to confirm this observation! 


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