Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 Calendars

Need an adorable calendar for your desk at work?  Here's an adorable version I made for gifts this year!

Cute, No?

Want to make your own?


Cd Case ( Yup, that's the stand!)
Scrapbook Paper
Small Calendars ( 2" x 2")
Scissors, Glue

I was lucky enough to find my calendars attached to a note pad at my local dollar store. But I have seen some advertised around blog land.  They can be as big as 4"x4" if you want more calendar and less scrapbook paper.  

Let's get started!

Start by cutting your scrapbook paper to fit your cd case.  Mine were 5" tall and 4 3/4" wide.
This may vary depending on your cd case.

Then start gluing your calendar and embellishments to your main piece of scrapbook paper.

Repeat until your entire calendar is done!

Stack your calendar pieces in order and slide into cd case 
where the "lyrics" book normally goes!

Open your case until it will not go any further.
Put the part where your cd goes face down on table, 
and admire your newest desk accessory!


  1. Well how cute and clever is that!!!

  2. That's a really cute idea! I think I may have to try that:)

    I came by from the Fancy This Friday hop:)

  3. Fun!!! And cheap way to acheive cute on your desktop!!! Thanks for linking up! We love seeing what you make every week at Fancy This Fridays!!!


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