Friday, March 18, 2011

Sweet Sewing...A tutorial

Finished Bound Blankets

Ah, it feels so nice to get back into the sewing groove. It also feel nice to give back! 

Through the grapevine, I was asked to make some blankets for a local NICU ( Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and how can you say no to teeny tiny babies?  Want to make your own?  

Here's how I made them! Using some fleece (and a large dish towel for size, my measurements were 19" x 29")  I cut all my fleece blankets.


After a few minutes, I had a nice big pile! Ah. Instant gratification!

Making Blankets

Indeed, I could have been done because the fleece does not fray, but I couldn't leave them alone.

So, out came some remnant from my stash! Ahhhh I love baby flannel!


To make some binding, I cut two inch strips.

Binding Step 1

Then I went ahead and sewed them end to end.

Binding Step 2

Now, to make my actual binding I made this little binding maker using a needle and an ironing board. No need to buy the fancy binding maker thing they sell in stores!

I folded my fabric to the size I wanted my binding to be ( folded the two edges to the center) and then stuck the pin through my ironing board cover.

Binding Step 3

As you pull the fabric through it will automatically fold it for you, handy huh? Then iron to keep it in place!  Keep pulling until you have all your fabric strip ironed.

Binding Step 4

To make it a little easier to sew to my blanket, I ironed my binding in half to create the crease that becomes the edge of the blanket. (This image below is before I ironed in half)

Binding Step Five

Sew around the edge of your fleece, and you have a super cute blanket ( or two)!

Finished Bound Blankets

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