Thursday, April 7, 2011

Quilting Week 2- Sewing the Pieces

After all that prep work ( clipping, washing, ironing, and cutting) it's time to put it all together! 

But before we start sewing, we need to decide what order to line up my fabrics.  It's funny how a photograph can change your mind.

For example. I loved how my fabrics looked next to each other, but once I took a photo of them.  I realized that a couple did not look good together, and had to re work.


See what I mean?


Now, that I have my order all ready to sew together. I decided that I would spruce up my machine to deter some hiccups along the way.  And I am thinking that this might become a good habit to get into too!

I wound 2 bobbins of thread because I know this is a big project.

Then, I changed my needle. I can't remember the last time I changed the needle just because.

Lastly, I cleaned my machine out! I pulled the bottom plate off (near my drop in bobbin) and vaccummed it out. 

I did not oil my machine, because frankly I was scared I would do it wrong and be splashing oil all over my fabric. Maybe after this project is over! 

Now that I did all that, I went to work.  Sewing each piece together, one at a time. Until I had four sections ( per pattern) completed. 

Sewing the pieces, Right Sides together

Next I worked on sewing those four pieces together, and created my center circle.

Sewn Circle!

I haven't made it to the outer edge ( but that's all thats left to the front!) because I'm scared to admit I may not have enough fabric!

Sewn with Center!

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