Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nesting: Decluttering

I feel like all I want to do lately is declutter. With the thought of another boy joining our family in the next four weeks, all I want to do is throw out. Which might not be a bad thing either!

When it came to magazines I had a ton. 
Did I read them? 
Yes, but just to flip through here and there nothing life altering if they were to go,
 and I was saving them mostly for recipes that I may want to try in the future.

So over the the course of a couple days I sat down and ripped out any and all recipes of interest.  Then, another day I sat down with my meal planning binder and some loose leaf paper and went through the pile again. 

This time really paying attention to what I kept. If it had an ingredient that we don't like, or wouldn't be able to find, it went in the recycle bin. If it were a keeper, I just glue sticked it to a piece of loose leaf paper and it went in the proper section. 

No it's not the prettiest thing ever, but its functional for now. 

Next on my to do list? 

Fill out my meal planning for the next month or two to help with the post baby brain whats for dinner saga!

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