Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Recycled Single Stem Vases

I love zinnias. 
They are super easy to grow, and look gorgeous in a vase. 
Plus, the more you cut them the more blooms you get.

My only problem: I'm terrible at arranging and can never find just the right vase.

Until now.

My husband picked up a box of these for our son. I was skeptical. But after dumping them in a sippy and watering them down, I felt better about him having them. But then I went to through out the cute little "milk" jug looking bottle. 

And I had an A-ha moment!  
Perfect size for a single zinnia! 
So I got collecting!

All I did was give them a wash and put them on a shelf, until now. Now, my vision was to spray them a nice metallic silver but that's for another day, or another batch because I am liking the white too! 

But then the ribbon hit! Oh the possibilities!

What are your favorite unusual vases?

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