Thursday, January 19, 2012

Special Numbers Art

Before Christmas I saw this on Pinterest, and thought I could so make that!

Instead of creating it in Photoshop, printing and framing it I decided to paint it instead.

This was super simple too!

First I painted my canvas background, I "cheated" and spray painted it brown. 
Next, in a word document I picked out my font and typed in my dates. 

Our dates are our first date, day my husband proposed, out wedding date, and our boys birthdays.

Next I took a pencil and scribbled all over the back, and then placed it on my canvas.

I traced all my dates at once so that the spacing was correct.

Lastly, I started painting them in with white. 

I kind of wish that I made this super duper long, so that I could add dates down the road!
Wouldn't that be fun? Say Carter's first day of school? Or losing a tooth? When they get older and get married?