Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Knits: Gauge Issues Fixed!

Last week, I put out on facebook that I needed some help! 

Well, in the meantime, hoping someone would come to my rescue I did some searching.
In my head I thought I could just double my stitches because my gauge was half of what the pattern said. But I didn't want to get knitting and be wrong.
 ( I have not one, but two sweaters that I knit, and don't wear either, but that's a completely different story!)

Plus, I am thinking of using this pattern from Ravelry.
(Did you know you can connect with me on Ravelry too? Here I am!)

And if you click the projects, it seems like everyone was having issues with the gauge.
Personally, I think the gauge is wrong. 
Her yarn must have been really thick compared to mine. And I am pretty sure its the same!

Anyways, after some searching I found this site.
Perfect right? 
It confirmed that I can just double my stitches like I thought. But it's also a great tool for when you have a more complicated swatch that has you stumped. So glad I found it!

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