Friday, August 29, 2014

Gifts:Baby C Gender Reveal Onesie

I've got to say, I definitely patted myself on the back for this one!
Baby C is meant to make his/her arrival any day now, 
and I wanted to send one last present before the big day!
I gave them their blanket and hat at their shower!

It hit me out of the blue, that they were going to have the baby and most likely text a picture to everyone. But then I thought about our kids first pictures. White onesie, generic baby blanket and hat.

None of my hats were gender specific in the hospital! 
Carters was pink and blue striped. 
Wyatt's was rainbow, 
and Ellie's was pink but didn't fit! 

So instead of making two hats, one pink and one blue (because I was tempted!)
I went with this:

Adorable right?!?!?!
The name will say it all. No matter what color hat! 

This was such a perfect craft for me! All I needed was an onesie (I used long sleeve), some Tulip Fabric Markers from Joann Fabric's! Then, I free handed the name "sticker".

I had thought about freezer paper stenciling, and painting but this was so much faster!
With three kids, fast is my speed right now! 

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