Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kitchen Update

After I did my countertops ( seen here and here), I felt I needed to do some more to my kitchen to complete it. I would like to update the paint, the hardware and maybe eventually the floor ( again. We did tile and they have broken terribly...)

Now I can check update hardware off the list!

Here is my hardware before, It was "Copper" but tarnished and even scratched off some pieces...  And I will confess I will not polish my hardware.  Nope. Not happening...

I took all my hardware off my cabinets, and drawers and pushed the screw into a box and attached to the cardboard... Like this:

Took outside and sprayed them a nice deep dark brown...

Not a huge difference on this one, but some were still shiny, and together they look better with my counter! But they don't look greenish tarnishy anymore, which I am pleased about!

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