Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2013 Garden Updates

As I am gearing up for garden season ( I confess... It's my favorite time of the year!) I have some ideas that I want to work on!

Last years updates are here.

This year's updates will include:

Journal: A place to take notes, keep a calendar, experiment. All in one place!
A garden expansion: Opening up the longest side to make my size go from 12x16 to 20x16!
More defined beds: I usually just plant wherever, but I am thinking beds are better use of space
New Plants: Sage, AsparagusEdamame, Corn, Sunflowers, Gladiolas just to name a few new items!
Color: I'm still debating this one. I love the colored supports but worry the paint will leach into soil
Terra Cotta Tower: They are all over blogland, and I'm thinking perfect herb garden!
New Hose Faucet: I can't take credit for this one, but the hubs can!

The details:

Every year I stand in my garden thinking, did I do something wrong? When do I normally get the first tomato? Cucumber? Etc? So this year I want to start journaling to help in future years!

Garden Expansion:
Last years garden was 12 ft by 16ft, this year it will be 20 ft by 16 ft!
All I have to do is open up the fence that is currently 16 feet!


 I'm thinking nothing fancy, maybe just twigs and sticks from the yard to help define paths/beds. 
This way, I can clean up the yard and not have to find where to dispose of it too!
With two eager boys I need this! They'll step on anything!

New Plants:

The edible stems of asparagus rise directly from the ground. Spears that are about 8 in. tall are ready to harvest.Click To Enlarge

Wow. This year I think I have lost my mind! My list keeps growing.
Asparagus, Cantaloupe, Sage just to name a few!


need to get some spray paint to decorate my little picket garden dividers. LOVE

I absolutely love. love. love this bright colored garden support. ( I loved it last year too)
But I'm not sure if in a vegetable garden is the place to put it. Maybe a "naked" one with cloorful flowers is in order instead?

Terra Cotta Tower:

diy garden

These are everywhere, and I acquired a bunch of pots, perfect for this project!
And since I can grow veggies better than flowers, I thought why not grow my herbs in there?

New Hose Faucet:
While the hubs worked on the new bathroom, he thought it would be better to have the hose on the garden side of the house. So he added one for me! No more dragging over 75 feet of hose, around the house to water the garden!

Do you garden? Thinking of starting?
It's one of my favorite things to do all summer!

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