Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Grows: Garden Harvest Tracker

As you may have noticed, I am garden obsessed. 
I've even told a friend that it's my mental health place. 
If the kids are driving me nuts, I run out there and nosey around to see what's growing.
And I always come back calm and re-centered.

And as my obsession grows (pun not intended) I want to figure out how to perfect my little space. 
To help with that I started my garden journal. And so far it's really helping! As things are started to be harvested I am noting the dates, for reference next year. 

With that said, I want to keep track at how much I am producing too.
I want to be able really know just how many tomatoes my 15 plants are giving me. 
So I can plan accordingly next year. More of this? Less of that?
Now I know each year will vary to a degree but it will give me a better idea.

So here's what I created. Warning! Nerd Alert!

Using excel I created a landscape spreadsheet, and listed all the plants we have. 
Then I just left the rest blank so I can put it in my journal, and fill in as I weigh/count things. 
I was writing it down in my journal, but then it would be strewn across pages of notes, this way it is in one place!

Are you planting anything? Have high hopes for anything?
Fingers are crossed for Edamame, Cantaloupe and those pesky raspberries. 
I've had raspberry canes since 2007/2008 and not a single berry! 

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