Friday, July 5, 2013

Grows: Garden Tour July 2013

I didn't really plan on another tour, yet alone this soon. But the garden has exploded!
I went from this to today's pictures in what felt like just a couple days!

Sadly, it's not as great as I thought it would be. The water seems to want to wash away the dirt. 
So little has grown there... I've got a mixture going on. A Geranium. Some sedum on the other side.
Dill seeds popping up, and one measly basil ( I put a whole pack of seeds in there, and most washed out) And my chives have been in that pot for years, and that's all I have gotten this year...

A new strawberry pot with plants! Hubby gave me these for our anniversary because sadly my beautiful barrel full didn't come back...

This is my barrel from last year that I split, and nothing came back. 
So my mom gave me some of hers which I think are wild strawberries? Because they are so tiny compared to what we had!

This is the second strawberry barrel. The big plant is from what I transplanted last year, the only survivor. And the littles are more of mom's.

Our peaches growing strong!

Look! A miracle! Our raspberries produced a single berry!
Oh.  And it's gone. Darn birds. I think.

And the blueberries are starting to turn! 
Can't wait. The boys love these!

As you walk in the garden, this is to the left. 
Two yellow grape tomatoes.
The rhubarb (I've harvested 2 lbs already!)
A deck hybrid corn in the pot.

A close up of the pots...
The black pot has carrots, they've seemed to thin themselves out.. They were pretty bushy.
The right is some form of onion. I forgot to label and now only know because I smelled it.
The pot on top, is an experiment. One of our peaches fell off the tree, so I opened it up and threw the see in.  Will be bringing in for the winter, if I see any sign of growth.

Next is the squashes!
I've got my winter squash, cantaloupe and pumpkins going up the trellis.
While the zucchini and yellow squash are in box in front of them.

Here is to the right of the gate into the garden.
Two more yellow grape tomatoes.
Peas, Peas and more peas. 
With some Kale beneath the peas!

There is a path between this and the peas (to give you an idea of layout)
This is where most of the magic is happening this year!

My umbrella had 8 arms to it. So 4 arms have green beans, 4 arms have cucumbers.
The bottom right and top left corner has beets. 
The top right and lower left have red onions.
The rectangle in front has lettuces.
The rectangle on right side has swiss chard.
The rectangle on left side has collards.
The rectangle in the back has spinach
And in the center has sunflowers.

A closeup of beets, and Swiss chard.

My row of tomatoes! There are 11 there!

Yukon Gold Potatoes, in the updated tower!

Our edamame patch!
I figured it out the other day. I've got 6 rows, with 3 poles each. And 4 plants per pole. 
Yes.  72 plants! But I stagger planted, so we should get a couple harvests out of it.
And I plan on freezing it!

Peppers and Hot Peppers.
I thought my seedlings were not going to survive, so I bought more.
Well. Now I can't tell which are mine and which are store bought!

The asparagus has gone to seed.
Isn't it fun looking?
I'm so excited to be adding this to our garden!

Sweet potatoes! These are doing pretty well, and even some surprise plants are growing.
I started with a potato inside in water, months ago.
It took forever to get one "slip" Then I put the slip is water for a week to get some roots.
Then I planted the slip, the potato chunk with roots, and another potato chunk with no slips or roots.
And it looks like all three are growing!

Can you believe how thick everything got in just two weeks? I can't!

I've started to harvest here and there. And have gotten about 5 lbs worth, which is pretty awesome seeing as we have only harvested lightweight vegetables like Chard, Kale, Lettuce and peas! 

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