Friday, November 21, 2014

Bakes: Peasant Bread

Oh. My. Word.
I'm going to gain a million pounds if I keep making this bread.
I'm a sucker for good bread...

So easy, so good!

We took our grilled cheese and tomato soup to an entire new level!
Homemade bread, and homemade tomato soup. 

I followed this recipe, except I used my Pyrex 323 (look on the bottom of your bowls) to make one large loaf instead of two small. I baked for the same amount as for the little loafs and it worked out fine. 

For the tomato soup, I use my canned sauce and add chicken broth, more info here. If you like a thicker soup, more like Campbells you can make a rue (equal parts butter and flour) then add the broth and tomato (combined). I found my husband and kids like the thicker version. While I like both!

This bread was so good, I'm tempted to make rolls for Thanksgiving using a muffin pan!

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