Thursday, December 16, 2010

Perfect Rolls

If you have been reading a while, you may have noticed that I enjoy cooking, almost as much as crafting. I have made banana bread, cake, rhubarb pie and more.  I would love to try to make home made bread, but I am not very patient.  With that said though, I am patient enough for these rolls. They are quick, and easy ( my kind of recipe) and I haven't messed them up the couple times I have made them!

Here's the recipe.

This year I thought it would be easier to knot them instead of roll.  And for me it took less time.  I baked them just the same.

Another reason to knot them instead of roll, I cannot get my dough to roll out in a circle, I ALWAYS get an oval!

Of course, all the evidence of these baked are gone!  Next time I make them (which will be next week, I will share the baked goodness!)

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  1. These rolls look wonderful...thank you for sharing the link to the recipe!

    I make bread weekly (we don't buy store-bought bread). It's not difficult at all! :)

    I hope you are having a lovely week!


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