Friday, February 7, 2014

Grows: Garden Plan 2014

The other night before a snowstorm, I ran out for milk. 
Not only did I bring home milk, but a handful of seed packets and another mini window greenhouse!
The cashier asked if I was serious. I smiled, and replied "very serious."

After I got home, I started my tomatoes and pepper plants.
Here in Upstate NY, Zone 5a you have to start them early! 

Last year I had some good luck, so I checked my garden journal and found that I started them on February 2, so this year I got them started just as early.
Here's how I planted them last year, and I did the same this year.

Once I finished planting, I had to get my garden map {2013, 2012} out so I knew where I was going to put everything.  This year I am switching it up quite a bit.  Not just for crop rotation purposes, but to maximize my growing space.  

I started  my first garden the first year we owned our house. That was 2007, and I literally planted cucumbers and tomatoes, in a small 2 ft x 3 ft spot dug into our lawn! Then the next year it doubled to 4 ft x 6 ft, and so on. This year I don't plan on extending the actual garden space, just using it to its fullest. Plus I plan on clearing a little bit of space in the back of our property to possibly move "our orchard".

Anyways, back to this year's plan. On paper, it looks like I have 188 sq. ft of growable space. 
Here is what It looks like!

Not bad right? 

The 188 sq. ft only counts the "beds". I didn't count any containers that I may use, or have already in use.  I am unsure if I will build actual beds or just mark them off somehow. 

If you remember, last year I grew around 130 lbs of produce between my garden and coldframe
Which by the way, the coldframe was still producing when I checked it last week! 

This year I hope to just as well (if not better) especially since my mother has decided to not garden at her house, but work my garden instead! 

Are you a gardener? Veggies? Flowers?
Have you started any of your plants yet?

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